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Vitalist Herbal Practitioner: School of Evolutionary Herbalism U.S.A

Senior Traditional Herbal  Practitioner: Herbal Education Centre N.Z

Traditional Herbalism: Herbal Education Centre N.Z

​Basic Natural Healthcare: Herbal Education Centre N.Z

Rongoā: Traditional Holistic Health: Herbal Education Centre N.Z

World Health Organisation (WHO) Indigenous Training: In conjunction with Herbal Education Centre N.Z

Herb Federation of New Zealand: Current Member


I have been studying herbs and creating herbal products for most of my adult life. Early influences come from my Irish father,  Samoan mother,  American grandfather and Chinese great grandfather.  Their discussions with me about what herbs could do excited my interest to where I am now.

The majority of my products are from  my backyard. Wild crafting picks up the slack for some of the herbs that I may be short on. Specialist herbs are accessed from  sources I know and trust; that offer the best ingredients for my products. 


As a herbalist, I feel satisfied with my contributions  to herbalism;  maintaining this traditional practice; helping people, creating products, and providing quality service.


Please  contact me directly using the contact details below. In the consultation process  patient privacy and confidentiality is absolutely ensured.

TEXT: 027 910 5553 / E-MAIL:

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